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What makes us different?

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We are a Designing & Manufacturing company specialized in case cooling fan in gorgeous RGB performance.

Main features of our RGB cooling fan

Long lifetime---25°C working environment life expectation in 30000HRS

Seal upgrade--protect oil loss at high temperature

Super Hydraulic bearing--extreme environment

            --super silent

            --Frequency conversion

            --lowest temperature:-46°C

Connectors: every single frame design on our catalog could be changed into

1) 5V 4-pin Molex/SATA connector in ARGB

2) 5V 4-pin Molex/SATA connector in single color/rainbow

3) Motherboard connector in AURA 4-PIN RGB

                AURA 3-PIN ARGB

4) Controllers connector in 6pin SNY functions

           in 6pin SNY functions plus disco mode

           in 4pin SNY functions plus “S” streamer mode

           in aura 3pin SNY functions plus PWM

Shockproof silicone stand for every single fan

Blade design makes its high airflow and air pressure


We have a patent sheet of each frame design and keep innovation continuously

The most important of all, we have the professional product design team to make it come true on your own designing concepts for gaming products.